Ardian Saraci, Toward Industry 5.0 in Albania

Albania Economia meets Ardian Saraci, the Founder of Aertermika Environment Solutions and exclusive distributor of Electrex devices produced by Akse Srl. Their prestigious clientele includes renowned names such as Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Ferrari, SanPellegrino, Philip Morris, Ducati, and Nestlé. In this interview, Saraci provides a unique perspective on the world of Industry 4.0, sharing his expertise as an energy efficiency expert, including projects involving 13 school buildings in the Municipality of Tirana. He will also reveal how he is preparing for the imminent revolution of Industry 5.0, showcasing cutting-edge projects and strategies.


Let’s start with a fundamental question: how did your journey in the field of energy efficiency begin?

My journey in the energy sector started with a deep passion for renewable energy and energy efficiency, leading to a long career in engineering design and management for the implementation of civil and industrial facilities. My education in civil engineering with a focus on hydrotechnics provided me with a solid foundation, but it was the continuous pursuit of innovation and interest in emerging technologies that guided my path in this dynamic field.

Aertermika specializes in integrated artificial intelligence systems for monitoring plant operations with energy efficiency and consumption savings. How are the pillars of Industry 5.0 – human-centric, resilient, and sustainable – integrated into your business approach?

The pillars of Industry 5.0 are fundamental to our corporate philosophy. In our approach, we place people at the center, designing solutions that enhance daily life and create safe and comfortable work environments. Resilience is ensured through intelligent systems that can quickly adapt to changes and challenges, ensuring operational continuity. Lastly, a focus on sustainability is crucial to reduce environmental impact and contribute to a greener, cleaner future.

So, is Aertermika ready for the transition to Industry 5.0?

Aertermika is currently situated within the context of Industry 4.0, but our gaze is firmly set on the future of Industry 5.0. We are deeply committed to the three fundamental pillars of this new paradigm: sustainability, a focus on the human element, and resilience. We have already embarked on a journey that will enable us to fully embrace the era of Industry 5.0. Our strategy involves establishing dynamic and innovative collaborations with key partners, allowing us to anticipate our customers’ needs and stay ahead in a constantly evolving world. We are prepared to lead the change and shape the future of the industry with determination and innovation.

You are also the exclusive dealer for Electrex-branded devices produced by Akse srl in Albania. Could you explain how Electrex monitoring and management networks are used in the field of energy efficiency and Energy Automation in various industrial sectors?

Certainly. Electrex monitoring and management networks are essential tools in energy efficiency and Energy Automation projects. These systems allow us to monitor and manage all energy vectors and related environmental parameters, along with process data. Major clients such as Coca-Cola, FCA, IKEA, Ferrari, Heineken, Vodafone, Nestlé, Philip Morris, Pfizer, San Pellegrino, and many others are testament to this. Our energy audits and efficiency projects align with European directives and ensure a quick return on investment.

What challenges and opportunities do you see for energy efficiency in Albania, and how is Aertermika addressing these challenges?

Albania has significant potential in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. However, there are challenges related to infrastructure and awareness of new technologies. At Aertermika, we tackle these challenges by promoting education and awareness among our customers and business partners. We offer tailor-made solutions that not only enhance energy efficiency but also educate on sustainable practices.

What do you believe will be Aertermika’s major successes?

Aertermika’s future successes are inherently tied to our ambitious vision. We are committed to addressing global sustainability challenges by embracing the growing consumption of renewable energy, managing smart grids, improving energy efficiency, and optimizing the management of our energy assets. Our primary goal is to bring society closer to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, especially those related to clean energy and climate action. We are working on exciting projects involving the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in energy monitoring and automation. Furthermore, we are expanding our presence in the public sector, collaborating with institutions such as the Municipality of Tirana to make urban infrastructures smarter and more efficient. A tangible example of our commitment is our involvement in 13 out of 186 schools in the capital, contributing to making education more sustainable and facilities more modern. We are deeply enthusiastic about continuing this mission, actively contributing to sustainable development not only in Albania but also beyond national borders.


What is the role of predictive maintenance in sustainable development and the future energy networks?

In the last century, predictive maintenance was primarily seen as a tool to improve plant availability, primarily supporting businesses in increasing profitability and competitiveness. However, today, businesses are increasingly motivated to manage the entire life cycle of an asset not only to avoid unplanned downtime and related costs but also to achieve sustainable value indices such as reduced energy consumption and increased energy efficiency. Regarding the role of predictive maintenance in the energy industry and future energy networks, it undoubtedly appears to be vital and strategic. Considering the significant challenges and transformations the industry is undergoing, such as the transition from centralized to distributed models, predictive maintenance is essential to ensure energy efficiency, resilience, and continuity.


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