The largest construction fair in Italy a chance to witness firsthand the advancements in home design software, cutting-edge chemical products tailored for the construction industry, state-of-the-art anti-seismic solutions, and the latest on energy efficiency.

For four days, Milan, the epicenter of Italian finance, transformed into a gathering hub for entrepreneurs in the construction industry worldwide. The MADE EXPO 2023 fair provided a truly unique experience, attracting over 700 managers from large and small enterprises, alongside thousands of architects, engineers, and builders hailing from various countries like Germany, China, Poland, Spain, Romania, among others. They seized the opportunity to exchange opinions, engage in discussions, and deliver lectures on crucial topics such as sustainable building design, energy efficiency, integration of new technologies, and more.

Organized by Made Eventi, under the patronage of the Milan Municipality and with support and collaboration from the ICE – Italian Trade Agency, the fair welcomed tens of thousands of participants. Additionally, the ICE – Italian Trade Agency curated a group of over 200 high-profile buyers from 50 different countries, with notable contingents from the USA, India, Romania, and others. Notably, professionals and entrepreneurs from Albania and Kosovo were also in attendance such as BVR Atelier, Studio Archimed, Soni Dural, Andi Grup, Green Line, Leon Konstruksion, etc.

MADE EXPO 2023 served as an ideal platform to showcase the pinnacle of innovation offered by Italian and international companies to the industry. Visitors had the chance to witness firsthand the advancements in home design software, cutting-edge chemical products tailored for the construction sector, state-of-the-art anti-seismic solutions, and the latest strides in boosting energy efficiency.

Enterprises participating in this fair capitalized on the opportunity to conduct business-to-business meetings with key partners of the event. Additionally, they hosted a series of informative sessions, shedding light on the most recent projects and developments in the construction field.

Blerta Vula Rizvanolli – Architect, Founder, BVR Atelier

What does the fair represent for your company and other companies like yours? 

Fairs such as Made Expo offer tremendous opportunities for business networking, learning, and sharing experiences. The construction sector in Kosovo is still underdeveloped and many processes are executed manually.

The fair showcases solutions geared towards automation and technology. The fair introduces a diverse array of sustainable materials, prefabricated systems, and paving materials crafted from recycled construction waste, among other innovations.

Regarding the significance of youth education and innovation in Kosovo’s construction industry, I believe it’s pivotal. Engaging young talent is essential for elevating our industry to international standards. The enthusiasm and potential of our young population can drive significant advancements. I find great pleasure in collaborating with such creative minds within my company and remain open to welcoming new energy and talent into our initiatives.

Kliton Nenaj, Inxhinier Ndertimi, “Studio Archimed”

Having visited MADE Expo 2023, which innovations in the construction industry impressed you the most, and how do you think these innovations can be integrated into your company’s projects in Albania?

Sustainable and safe construction within eco-friendly environments poses a growing challenge in Albania’s construction industry. Companies seek innovative technologies and materials that are competitive and aligned with contemporary lifestyles and design trends. The diverse range of materials and solutions showcased at the exhibition presents new opportunities for implementation.

What specific challenges in the construction sector in Albania do you think the solutions presented at the fair can address and did you find solutions particularly suited to the challenges your company is facing?

Enhancing energy efficiency, insulation, and comfort in existing buildings while reinforcing structures presents a new challenge, differing from traditional methods prevalent in our market. Noteworthy solutions showcased at the exhibition include:

  • Seismic Coat: An exterior application creating earthquake-resistant ‘skins’ that augment existing energy efficiency. Various versions employing distinct technologies and materials were demonstrated.
  • Skylights: Featuring dome-shaped thermoformed plastic covers with internal panels in polycarbonate or glass, framed in PVC, aluminum, etc.
  • Small window domes and zenithal systems
  • Roof windows, skylights, and dormer windows
  • Technologies for building restoration
  • Custom-made prefabricated thermal insulation coats with reinforced insulation. These coats offer simultaneous thermal insulation for building envelopes and prevent structural overturning due to seismic activity, both internally and externally.
  • Fire barriers using natural breathable, non-combustible insulating panels.

How do you think international collaboration can enrich the construction industry in Albania? Did you discuss potential partnerships with international companies or professionals?

The construction sector in Albania is expanding and gaining prominence as one of the key industries. Despite the considerable growth in domestic production of primary construction materials, there’s still a substantial reliance on imported materials. Many exhibitors at the event are seeking to enter our market, with some expressing interest in local production. These innovative solutions and technologies should be embraced by designers as the initial step toward shaping sustainable, safe, and eco-friendly building practices. However, managing costs remains a significant challenge.

Faruk Kryeziu, Civil Engineer, Administrator, Andi Grup

The fair presents an excellent chance for enterprises in Kosovo and Albania to acquaint themselves with new materials, machinery, work tools, and the latest trends in the construction industry. Italy uniquely provides these opportunities, fostering meetings and networking among businesses not only with Italian companies but also with international counterparts.

Having previously collaborated with the ICE – Italian Trade Agency, I’ve found such events incredibly beneficial for entrepreneurship. Participating in these gatherings holds significant importance.

What solutions does this fair offer for businesses like yours?

The markets in Kosovo and Albania don’t fully meet the needs of the sector, particularly regarding new materials. This fair serves as an ideal platform where companies from across the globe exhibit new products, greatly facilitating the construction industry’s operations.

MADE EXPO 2023 presents an exceptional opportunity for collaborations. The transformation is evident and progresses noticeably year by year. Additionally, it’s noteworthy that the fair has attracted significant interest from the younger generation, a phenomenon not commonly observed in Kosovo and Albania. This interest is truly surprising and emphasizes the importance of nurturing this relationship in our countries. The construction industry is vital for our economies, and the noble nature of construction work deserves high recognition.

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