TimeFlow, The Italian Startup Revolutionizing the IT Sector and Looking to Albania

TimeFlow, an innovative startup and Benefit Corporation based in Milan and Lecce, is transforming the IT sector with an AI-based platform. After achieving success in Italy and with ongoing international expansion, the startup is now looking with interest at the Albanian market. We spoke with Lorenzo Danese, CEO of TimeFlow, to learn more.


TimeFlow is a rapidly emerging player in the IT sector. Can you tell us how the idea for this startup was born?

The idea for TimeFlow came from my experience in the IT sector. During my professional journey, I noticed an increasing difficulty in finding profiles for software development. Instead of simply expanding the HR team, I decided to create a more innovative solution: an Academy to train new talent. At the beginning of 2020, I sold my shares to transition towards a product-based company: thus, TimeFlow was born, an AI-based platform to connect companies with IT suppliers. The idea is rooted in the awareness of the enormous problems companies in the sector face in creating new connections with other businesses and finding competent and qualified technology partners.

How is TimeFlow revolutionizing the process of selecting and engaging technological partners for companies?

TimeFlow uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze client needs. In real-time, our technology calculates the best match between the companies’ requirements and the suppliers’ skills, proposing the most qualified IT partners internationally. This reduces the time and cost of scouting and engagement, improving the efficiency and quality of the sourcing process.

How does TimeFlow differentiate itself from other IT outsourcing platforms on the market?

TimeFlow is not just a marketplace for IT skills. Our platform also offers a Vendor Management Platform that allows companies to manage their supplier base, digitizing and centralizing commercial relationships. The solution facilitates informed procurement decisions, enabling the selection of the most suitable supplier based on comprehensive, real-time data, making the IT procurement process more efficient.

Your startup is a Benefit Corporation. Why did you choose this legal form and how does it reflect in your daily operations?

We chose to become a Benefit Corporation because we want to have a positive impact on both people and the environment. Many of us, myself included, are particularly mindful of these issues even in our private lives. We offset CO2 emissions and collaborate with partners specializing in sustainability. Additionally, we are part of Social Innovation Teams, promoting an economic model that generates a positive impact on society.

TimeFlow has recently begun an internationalization process starting from India. What are your global ambitions and how do you see Albania in your expansion path?

India was a strategic choice because it is a market rich in IT skills. We created a technological ‘bridge’ that allows Indian companies to connect with European ones, facilitating a mutually beneficial encounter. After India, we aim to expand into the UK, France, Germany, and Spain. Albania represents a new frontier for us, with its growing tech ecosystem and a young, dynamic workforce. We want to offer Albanian companies the opportunity to connect with high-level technology partners and foster the growth of the local IT sector.

How do you plan to approach the Albanian market and what opportunities do you see for TimeFlow in Albania?

We see great potential in Albania, with its growing economy and increasing interest in technological innovation. According to data from aida.gov.al, Albania has about 35,000 employees in the ICT BPO sector, demonstrating the presence of a qualified workforce ready to grow. We intend to create a network of Albanian IT suppliers who can offer their skills internationally. We are confident that our platform can help Albanian companies quickly find new opportunities, improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the IT sector in this country.


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