Innovation Oasis: Welcome to Durana Tech Park

Durana Tech Park will provide multiple economic, tax, and bureaucratic incentives to digital nomads and IT companies in the fields of software design and development, cloud computing services, cybersecurity, big data analysis, and robotics research. This long-awaited project is poised to revolutionize the landscape of science, technology, and entrepreneurship in Albania.

The Durana Tech Park, the result of collaboration between the Albanian Investment Corporation (AIC), Helvetas, Partners Albania, and the Ministry of Economy, Culture, and Innovation, is set to transform the face of technology in Albania.

Strategic Location and Optimal Accessibility
Located in the city of Xhafzotaj, a short distance from the center of Durres, Durana Tech Park enjoys a strategic position that makes it easily accessible from both the Port of Durres and Tirana International Airport. This choice aims to facilitate connections with the country’s major labor markets and academic institutions.

A Center for Innovation and Collaboration
Durana Tech Park will offer a wide range of opportunities for businesses in the technology sector. From software design to robotics research and data analysis, the park will be a true hub of innovation and collaboration.

According to the Minister of Economy, Culture, and Innovation, Blendi Gonxhja:

“With the support of Albanian government, we are not only  dealing with a park or physical space but with a gateway to endless possibilities”.

Strategic Partnerships for Success
Durana Tech Park stands out for its partnership with the RISI Albania project, supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) through Helvetas. This project aims to promote economic development and innovation in Albania, offering a conducive environment for business growth and creating new opportunities for the country’s young talents.

Incentives and Support for Businesses
With exclusive tax and administrative incentives for businesses and a wide range of support services, Durana Tech Park aims to attract both domestic and foreign investments in the technology sector. This will help stimulate economic growth and create skilled jobs in Albania.

A Future of Innovation and Progress
In conclusion, Durana Tech Park represents a unique opportunity for businesses and investors interested in being part of the future of innovation in Albania. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and government support, the park promises to be a catalyst for technological progress and entrepreneurial excellence in the country.

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