Armundia Factory, ICT and BPO services company of Armundia Group, expands its offering to all industries

The Group aims to become a reference technological partner for the digital transformation of companies of all sizes and sectors.


Armundia Factory, the ICT and BPO services company based in Tirana, Albania and 100% controlled by Armundia Group, a leading tech-company in digital platforms and specialist consultancy services for the innovation of the banking, financial and insurance market, expands its offering services and solutions to all industries, including Public Administration, manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare and education.

With this evolution, the Group aims to support a wider range of customers in their digital transformation, which today represents a crucial competitive advantage for companies of all sizes and sectors by increasing their efficiency and productivity.
Thanks to a highly qualified high-velocity talent team, made up of 60 professionals with an average age of 28, all graduates mainly in economics and IT, Armundia Factory presents itself as a global technological partner, to accompany organizations at every stage of their digitalisation journey, from initial consultancy, to the implementation of tailor-made solutions, up to post-launch support.

“This business development intends to mark a big step towards the digital transformation of the global market – declares Gianluca Berghella, President and CEO of Armundia Group -. Thanks to the experience gained in the banking, insurance and financial sectors, Armundia Factory is able to quickly and precisely satisfy the needs of a constantly evolving market by offering specialized technological services and tailor-made solutions for each sector. With an international presence and a holistic approach to digitalization processes, Armundia Factory can effectively support the growth and innovation strategies of companies around the world“.

Global Expansion and New Frontiers

“The new entrepreneurial initiative is in line with the 2023/25 industrial plan of the parent company which envisages, as cornerstones of the internationalization process, the opening of Armundia United Kingdom and Armundia Luxembourg and the development of Armundia Factory’s international multi-industry services – says Stavri Pici, CEO of Armundia Factory -. We closed 2023 with a turnover of over 1.5 million euros which we aim to double in the next 3 years, bringing its EBITDA from over 20% to an average value between 25 and 30%”.

Armundia Factory Albania
Armundia Factory Albania

Innovation with Armundia ReportAiR

Among the key solutions proposed, Armundia ReportAiR, a new AI-based advanced Data Reporting module born from the partnership with Flow Immersive, a Californian company specialized in data visualization tools. Based on cloud and spatial computing technologies, the tool is multilingual and allows the extraction of information in real time from relational or documentary archives, immersive and interactive 3D visualization, dynamic exploration and querying of complex data.
Thanks to this new data-driven storytelling tool, users can explore information and focus on different areas of interest, receiving contextualized explanations and relevant insights. This makes data analysis more intuitive and accessible, transforming complex aggregates of information into understandable and engaging narratives that facilitate decision making.

Tirana: The Beating Heart of Technology

In the vibrant setting of Tirana, considered the thriving capital of high technology in Eastern Europe, Armundia Factory will introduce Armundia ReportAiR to a diverse clientele and the universities with which it actively collaborates.

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