The Rise of Sisal Digital Hub: A Success Story of Investing in Albania’s Technological Future

From Startup to Success: Sisal’s CTO Mario Martinelli and General Manager of Sisal Digital Hub Albania Shares the Story of Sisal Digital Hub Rapid Growth in Albania.


Sisal Digital Hub, established four years ago in Albania, has rapidly grown to become one of the largest technology companies in the country, providing significant employment opportunities and putting Albania on the map as a destination for innovative technology companies. Albania Economia had the opportunity to interview Mario Martinelli, the CTO of Sisal and GM of Sisal Digital Hub Albania, who played a key role in the company’s impressive achievements.

According to Mr. Martinelli, the decision to establish a Digital Hub in Albania followed a long evaluation phase to determine the best place to expand their IT organization, which has contributed to the growth of their business and the development of Sisal at an international level. They chose Albania because it was the right fit for this type of startup, and they were supported by a talent attraction program. Today, Sisal Digital Hub has more than 300 people working in the technology-enabled (TE) component. 

“Investing in People and Innovation: The Keys to Sisal Digital Hub Success in Albania”

Mr. Martinelli emphasized the importance of investing in people with the right skills and competencies, and they have found an ecosystem in Albania that has given them a positive response, with motivated individuals and appropriate technological skills. 

Sisal Digital Hub has grown from just a few employees to now employing over 650 people considering both IT and Customer Operations, making them one of the largest technology companies in Albania.

The CTO emphasized the importance of the ecosystem of skills and competencies they found in Albania, which was supported by the government through investments in education and training programs. This allowed the company to hire and develop a talented workforce in ICT, involving them in innovative projects to evolve Sisal’s products and services, using the most modern technologies.

The decision to was a significant factor in the company’s success. This move not only helped streamline their operations but also facilitated cultural proximity and language compatibility between the Italian market and Albanian talent. Furthermore, the company’s dynamic and innovative environment has attracted and retained talent, leading to consistent double-digit growth over the past few years.

“Sisal Digital Hub: Empowering Albanian Talents and Putting the Country on the Tech Map”

As the GM at Sisal Digital Hub Albania, Mario Martinelli recognizes the importance of investing in employee well-being. According to Martinelli, the competence of the IT people in the field of new technologies and their ability to implement innovative projects is a crucial element of the company as well as the skills and capabilities of the Customers Operations team that enable excellence performance in assisting our clients. Therefore, taking care of their employees and involving them in challenging projects are essential to retain the best talent and ensure they enjoy working at Sisal. The company has implemented uniform treatment, growth, and welfare programs for all countries, including Albania, and has invested a lot in growth programs to ensure the well-being of their employees and retain the best talent.

Regarding the future of Sisal Digital Hub in Albania, Martinelli mentioned that the company plans to continue investing in Albania, building a closer relationship with institutions and the university ecosystem, and having a strong presence in the country. The company plans to invest more in terms of people, skills, and capabilities, and to improve governance in Albania. Moreover, the company has also opened other hubs in other countries such as Turkey. As Sisal grows internationally, the Albanian Digital Hub will play an increasingly vital role in the company’s technological development strategy.

Albania Economia is pleased to showcase the success story of Sisal Digital Hub in Albania and hopes that other innovative technology companies will follow suit.


Author: Besara Kaja, Albania Economia Magazine.





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