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Gianluca Berghella emphasizes the importance of supporting Albanian startups at WMF International Roadshow Albania.

Apply now for the WMF International Roadshow Albania startup competition and you could be pitching your ideas in Italy! This event is Europe’s largest festival dedicated to innovation, bringing together the brightest minds in digital innovation to learn, connect, and grow. The International Roadshow is a tour of “satellite events” created through direct collaborations with countries worldwide, promoting global cooperation and idea sharing in the digital, social, and entrepreneurial sectors.

On March 15th, 2023, the WMF International Roadshow ALBANIA will be in Tirana for a day of startup competition. The winners will be invited to attend the event in Italy, in collaboration with Albania Economia, Moneys Magazine, Camera di Commercio Italiana in Albania, and Edona Bilali, Minister of State for the Protection of Entrepreneurship.

We asked to, Gianluca Berghella, CEO of Armundia Group and a member of the jury, how important it is to support the Albanian startup ecosystem and how his company can inspire and guide them in starting a technological and digital business. 

“The Albanian startup scene, born less than a decade ago, is truly attractive as it combines a horizontal drive for innovation with a significant availability of skilled workforce, especially in the ICT field.

Nevertheless, these fledgling startups often require assistance to remain competitive in the market, and as such, they need access to a variety of funding sources

and incentives, as well as the backing of investors, venture capitalists and international organizations. 

I am proud to say that our Group was among the first to focus on the Albanian ecosystem in 2015, by founding Armundia Factory together with the young CEO Stavri Pici from Tirana. We shared an innovative entrepreneurial approach that respected the country’s culture and brought a new opportunity in terms of business model.

Armundia Factory is definitely a beautiful example for young startups, as it shows how, with the right support, a medium to long-term innovation vision, and a correct entrepreneurial model, it is possible to position oneself in the market following a harmonious path of growth and development. This concept is particularly valid in the field of technological and digital innovation, where young people must understand that success is not achieved by chasing the latest app. Everything must be based on a strategic idea of digital transformation that one wants to propose to the market, and this idea should be achievable and sustainable from all perspectives, both for those who must develop it and those who must adopt it. It is crucial that these visions are pursued with competence, and it is equally important to continuously invest in professional and scientific training, in order to maintain a high level of expertise and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field”, he said.

The International Roadshow covers 5 continents and makes stops in 29 countries, promoting the co-construction of a better future by embracing digital tools and considering innovation, accessibility, and equality as key values. Themes such as sustainability, accessibility, legality, and digital intertwine with artistic performances, inspiring speeches, startup competitions, and networking activities during each event.

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